Sunday, September 26, 2010

Oil on canvas '15.5 x 10' inches
© 2010 Nayna Shriyan 

With this painting I have to confess I actually went into a fantasy mode!! I love looking at carpets of gulmohar flowers as they coat the roads each year, but unfortunately living in the city means the flowers coat the pockmarked ugly tar roads and never the lush greenery of the countryside ! I guess through this painting I am expressing some wishful thinking :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Flower that all this fuss is about !!
"15.5  x 10 " inches Oil on Canvas
© 2010 Nayna Shriyan

 This painting is in continuation with my gulmohar theme (The art of the gulmohar) With my copper enameled bowl, I stayed close to the actual flower, because it is just so pretty as it is, but with this I simply had to devote one painting to a single petal. I have always been fond of the petals of the gulmohar flowers.Not only are they shaped in the most amazing manner, what completely fascinates me is that any other flower petals that get separated actually look a bit lost without the others, but these beautiful things !
A single petal seems just as complete and as beautiful as the whole flower, many a times after a strong shower I have seen these torn petals carpet the dark roads and look absolutely radiant. It is this effect that I have tried to imitate here.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Inspiration for my next flower project !!

These beautiful white blossoms grace us with their presence every few days, and while on most days they simply end up being used in worship, today I could not resist the way the sunlight fell on the lone blossom and two buds. Whether I will use this in my next enameled bowl project I have no idea, but for now I had fun clicking the pic :) !!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

© 2010 Nayna Shriyan, copper , vitreous enamel
Copper bowls with crackle medium, not sure whether the crackle effect has come out like its supposed to but, I sure am loving it !! I think I may have over fired them, but would like to keep continuing to experiment.
© 2010 Nayna Shriyan copper, vitreous enamel

Sunday, September 19, 2010

© 2010 Nayna Shriyan  copper bowl, copper wire, and vitreous enamel  5"' x 5" x 1"
A while back I had written about wanting to work with the gulmohar flower as my inspiration, ( 'The art of the gulmohar flower' ) I have to confess  I have not posted my work with regards to the subject regulary :( but  I intend to change that by posting my first effort, an enameled bowl.
I kept this one simple by using mostly transparent enamels, layered to create the cool green leaves against the fiery orange red flowers, surrounded by the bright blue summer sky.

The copper wires really kept me on my toes, always threatening to fall off inside the kiln, but fortunately except for one or two mishaps I manged to get them to stay put !!
© 2010 Nayna Shriyan Oil on canvas with palette knives, 20' x 15.5'
I had been dying to try out palette knife painting since the longest of times ! Call me chicken but I was too scared to actually try it out. Then I saw a set of plastic palette knives at my favourite art supply store, and that did it. I simply had to buy a set, and ofcourse once I got the set in hand, I set about trying to create my very first pallete knife painting. 

This photograph of a view of the konkan region in Maharashtra during the monsoons with the most brightest and brilliant hues of colours imaginable seemed to be the perfect candidate.

    I am proud to say that apart from a fork all of the work done is entirely with the knife with no dependence ( sooo tempting when stuck !!! :D ) upon a brush !!!