Monday, September 1, 2014

Copper flowers & leaves for a new wall piece

Fold forming has become my newest passion, after having tentatively tried out a few folds, basic line folds etc to create a cuff , I decided I had to be brave enough to try out some of the more complicated folds. So I decided on the start fold, looked pretty and I thought it might be easy enough. Well turned out its not exactly easy but yes it was a lot of fun and my first attempt turned out to be quite nice looking! To begin with I used 24 Gauge copper as recommended in the book on fold forming ,that has pretty much become my bible :) unfortunately I realised I wasn't strong enough when it came to bending the sheet with my bare hands :(
So I bought some 26 ga. & then these were the results

          Starfold in 4 by 4 inches

              Starfold in 2 x 2 inches

           Leaves made in ruffle style with a line fold

The star folds as well as the leaves  are all going on a new piece, I am keeping it a secret for now ;) but  before you see there is an even more fun piece coming up !! Stay tuned :)