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                                                 Growing up I was always more excited about getting drawing and colouring materials and books than receiving toys ! That love for colours turned into a passion for painting both on canvases as well as metals.

          From the very first day  of my college I was very sure I was going to be painting my heart out, but all of that changed when I got a chance to see some of the senior students work at the end of my first year in Sir J.J. School of Art. One look at all of the amazing metal murals and sculptures and I knew I had found my calling.I spent four glorious years learning all the techniques, tools and characteristics of metals and spent hours in the class workshop!

Out of college I designed and created metal murals, custom home and office accessories But soon realized that my colours were calling out to me and  I threw myself into relearning and experimenting with enamels on metal. For the past four years, I have been creating enameled murals, panels and bowls.

Very recently about two months ago, I had a major part of my dream come true, I leased out a space exclusively for me to use as a studio! So now every morning bright and early, the first thing I do is head over to my studio. Here I paint, enamel, create bowls and boxes and jewelry, and am joined thrice a week by my dear students who come over to learn to paint.
When I am  not in my studio, I am either sketching out ideas for new projects or experimenting with ways to combine new and old techniques to create interesting effects. I take art classes at two outside venues and hold metalwork and paper mache workshops
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A little Trivia about me : )

  • Favorite book: Eat, Love Pray by Elizabeth Gilbert
  • Favorite painting: The Scream by Munch
  • Studied Japanese for two years, want to learn to speak it fluently [Such a beautiful yet difficult language :(  ]
  • I love to wait for the first gulmohar flowers in my area during the beginning of the summers.
  • I have taught jewelry design for three beautiful years.
  •  Started creating my own line of enameled jewelry three years ago so as to familiarize people with enameling and my style of metalwork ( Also am completely in love with creating those tiny enameled panels !!)
  • Saving up for a trip to Egypt and the astonishing pyramids !!
  • Currently learning to operate my SLR  camera.
  • Can not live without my cellular phone/ organizer
  • Always write my notes, sketch out my projects with the same clutch pencil I have used for the past five years. 

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