Thursday, June 3, 2010

Art promotion websites

        For quite a while now, I have been showcasing my work on online galleries, like,, , and so many others. While I think that these sites surely provide a great platform for artists to showcase their work, I am yet to see any real response from it.
       I have had some interaction with artists that I have met and that has been really interesting. I have had some interesting conversations with these artists, and have also heard of some great opportunities, form these fellow artists, but where actual sales figures are concerned, I have only had a few inquiries.
      I have been told and also many art marketing experts have said that it is quite important to drive traffic to these sites. I do agree to this logic, but my confussion is this: I have my own website to showcase my work,( and I am also working on a new site for specifically shwocasing my enamelled jewelry along with a blog for the same).
So now do I promote my own site or do I promote these other sites on which I have a page each?
I would love to hear opinions on this subject .