Monday, December 26, 2011

Eight things I am doing to wrap up the last week of this year !

It is the last week of 2011 and the much talked and hyped about 2012 is coming up and today my cook of all people bought the topic up by mentioning how some people were dreading the end of the world. Well I have no idea whether the world is ending or not but here is what I want to do in the last week of this year just to tie up some ends.
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  1. Finishing catching up on the gazillion e-books that I have downloaded over the past year ! Well not exactly that number but I am an e-book junkie! ( Hey don't tell me you aren't tempted, when its just a click away from all you can read!! ) Well most of the books I download are either art or jewellery how-tos or marketing how-to for the same. My favorite and currently reading is Seth Godin's 99 Cows
  2. Cleaning up my computer and backing up the hard disk.This one goes back to #1 once I read all those e-books some I keep for future reference some go on to the recycle bin ( To make room for more e-books of course :) 
  3. Making a list of all the lovely people I met, all the amazing things that happened to me in my career as well as personal life just to add that to my gratitude journal ( Hey I wanna attract more of the same cool stuff !!) By the way my list is definitely going to include all you amazing people that take time out to read what I write, look at my art and leave your thoughts here :) So thank you, you are much appreciated!
  4. Making a plan for my jewellery and art business, yup, yup I know art and business are not words that go together but my goal for this coming year is to get my studio to not just support itself but me as well :)  Now the reason I am putting this out here is ,I want to get some accountability which hopefully will help me to get things pulled together.
  5. Buy tools and metal, colours etc. Well you know how most common resolutions are ' more work done' well, my problem is I do get work done and even have sketches on the ready usually but I tend to go to the studio all brimming with ideas and realize I am out of a particular gauge of wire or metal or enamel colour, so I intend to avoid that starting January.
  6. Reindeer pendant with matched holly earrings
    © 2011 Nayna Studios™
    Copper & Vitreous enamel
  7. Getting my mailing list up dated, I actually have finished with this one (pat on the back :D) and am working on getting my New Year card done on Mail Chimp, this ones for my Jewellery mailers but if you wish you can sign up (its just as fun!)
  8. Figuring out the menu for New Years Eve ! Usually we make some super delicious Indian Style fast food, and voting is still on for this year :D
  9. Coming up with a way to combine my two passions, oil on canvas and metal work! watch this space there is something soooooper exciting coming up and with one New Year's promise to all you sweet folks who continue to drop by and read, although I'll admit I have not been up to speed in posting here lately, and that is to get in one post per week. Do hold me up to it if I do not deliver :P
Well you noticed nowhere have I mentioned New Year's resolutions cause mine usually give up the ghost by march :( So instead I am sticking to daily practices, so what practices are you going to start, do drop a line and let me know, I just might take up your idea as well !

Wishing everybody here a Very Happy New Year and an extremely abundant and bursting with joy kind of year !!  

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