Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Flood waters, Hot cups of Chai and some gardening

This week began with a ( I know you are thing 'bang'  but no :) flood! Yes that's right my city was well under water these past two days with water logging, train services breaking down, never ending traffic jams and people getting stranded every which way.

Not fun I know but for the few lucky folks like me who don't need to travel for work or any other reason it was fun to stay home and watch the rains and sip hot cups of tea (we call it 'Chai') well we had a lot of fun and here are some pics from my balcony. So what did I do apart from having tea well I spent the time cleaning up my studio coming up with plans of streamlining my enamels ( they are a mess! ) which I will be sharing soon and doing some gardening !
Hope this lil guy does well 

You can see my Aloe vera trying to peek into the pic here :)

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Functional design.

       Should art or rather design should it be purely a visual treat or can it functional. I think good design is so much more interesting when its functional don't you? To be able to actually use that lovely design that  you simply fell in love with, to me that's a perfect combination. 

While I love creating paintings  and enameled panels it gives me a lot of joy when someone picks up my enameled bowl and wonders if they can use it as an ash tray or perhaps could they store their  nick-knacks.  You have seen some of the bowls I create and there are a lot more on the way, but here are a few other pieces that I create, some are hand painted like this coaster set

Coaster set with yellow fleur
Set of four coasters

Chili key holder in brass and wood.

Some have metal accents on them like this chili design key holder ! isn't it cute just perfect for holding one set of keys if  you are like me and like to have all the possible keys in one single key chain :)