Sunday, May 30, 2010

Live enamelling demonstration on television

Yesterday I shot for my very first Television interview!! Wow never though I would be saying that sentence!! But I did and it was such a  thrilling experience. The lights, the cameras (yes they used two), the makeup, everything was so exciting. 
I was waiting for the crew to arrive, as they had planned the interview in my studio, (I work out of my home studio), silly old me was expecting two maybe three people, one person holding the mike and one to run the camera, and one to tell us all what to do,..., well it wasn't so!!

There were about fifteen people, yes that is how many , with tons of equipment, lights, cameras, tripods and a whole bunch of snaking wires running all over my studio. After the initial setup of the equipment, both mine and the television crew's the director the episode, began by asking me to walk him through the demonstration and how he intended to shoot the process.
Before I knew it , the whole process had started, the anchor started by asking a few questions about my art background, and the kind of work I did. Then I explained the materials, the metal , the colours, brushes etc, that I normally use.
Then we started with the demonstration and soon, I was demonstrating the piece being fired.(did not actually fire the piece, because as per the camera man, the red hot enameled piece would come out looking black.
Once the demonstration was finished, they shot some of my art work, my published work and they were out like a hurricane!! What a whirlwind affair.
 As the interview is yet to air, I will be posting once again with regards to the reactions I received.

The art of the gulmohar flower

Every summer, I wait for the first flowers of the gulmohar. The advent of the first splash of bright fiery orange colour brings a much needed relief fro the harsh sun and humidity of my city. The gulmohar flowers always fascinate me; they stand out among the green carpet of leaves, silently proclaiming their individuality.
      Throughout the year the tree of the gulmohar is either green or completely bare, giving the impression that its dead, gone and then come spring the leaves start sprouting out and then come may, the fiery red orange flowers come out in all their glory. The one thing that completely fascinates me about the flowers is that not only are they pretty as a whole, but even when, the flowers fall and actually fall apart, they still retain that beauty and that individuality, each little petal with that perfect shape, distinct colouring says 'I am different' . most flowers when they fall of the tree look so morose sad almost, but not the gulmohar flowers, each flower, each petal lies flat on the ground allowing its perfect shape to be seen and admired.
       I intend to work with the gulmohar flowers as my inspiration in a series of cloisonne enameled bowls, and will be recording my experiences with these amazing flowers. I will be using both the shape, the colour and of course experimenting with how much this spunky flowers colours can stand out among a variety of different colours and shapes. I will be posting updates and pics of my experiments here soon!