Sunday, November 14, 2010

Studi(o)topia ! - A sneak peak into my world

I have a very happy announcement to make, one that I have been waiting to yell out from the roof tops !! I finally, have my very own studio !! Well to be honest not my first space, but this one has everything that I could have wished for in a studio space. It is only five minutes walking distance from my home, also it is large enough to afford me the luxury of having all of my tools and equipment, colours and machines within easy reach. It also allows me to leave out all of materials till I have finished a current project as opposed to packing things up immediately.
What is even more  exciting is that this space has room for my dear furnace as well ! Cant wait to start enameling ! My studio also comes as a happy new space for my students to go completely crazy with their creativity! They have been joining me in putting up a board outside announcing the studio's name.(We are still working on it)
One more exciting feature this place offers is that there is plenty of space for me to hold workshops and my regular art classes.

But I believe the best feature is what all you artists out there would appreciate, the ability to show your work to the world once you are good and ready with it , and not have people visiting your home ask questions about a particular piece that is not quite at a stage where you want to show it off. So what do you think is the best part of having a studio, the privacy, the peace or the space?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Reasons for blogging

My next assignment as part of my blog triage consists of writing the reasons for having this blog, When I sat down to jot down points for this one I started thinking about how I would like for my collectors to know about my process, and how I would like to put down information with regards to some of  the techniques I was using in creating my paintings and panels, the kind of information that can never really be put up on my website I realized that while all of this was true the main reason, for my blogging attempt was that I needed a kind of public diary. I have always felt the need for a sounding board, and I believe that blogging will eventually give me the kind of feedback and ideas that I am looking for. While there is nothing more satisfying than spending hours in the studio painting or creating and enameled piece, it does become pretty much a one man show! So I guess what I am trying to achieve with blogging is to find people (readers/ friends) who would be so kind as to let me hear their comments and opinions and become a part of my art.

My Ideal reader

With a title like ' My Ideal reader' everybody's probably wondering where I am going with this, but with a view to writing a more vibrant and interesting blog for both my readers as well as myself, I joined a four week Blog Triage with Cynthia Morris and Alyson Stanfield. My first assignment is to write about my ideal reader.
Well to be quite honest, it is a daunting task, one that requires me to really visualize people I have not  yet met !! Still here goes...When I think of my ideal reader, I imagine someone who may be of any age physically but is certainly someone who is young at heart. They may be a freelancer, or perhaps work at a job, but certainly someone who is passionate about their work, and love every minute of it. They love the outdoors, the beautiful forms and colours of nature.I would imagine they love to read and to explore and travel. But most of all they have an immense love for colour, in all its forms, be it art or their surroundings !
 My ideal reader is  certainly comfortable with the blog format, and is also someone who is vocal about their opinions and helps me out by commenting :D ( I guess I'm being a little selfish here !!)

Well I guess that about wraps up my visualization, but the fact is I appreciate all of you who do read my blog and would love to hear from you as I go about this Blog Triage, So what do you think of my first effort here? Do I go to the back of the class or perhaps I just scraped through....  :D