Monday, June 17, 2013

A Ram masquerades as an innovative cover for a peep hole

Some habits die hard, especially those of an artist. I have seen a 90 year old artist continue to paint and exhibit after having officially 'retired' about two times both times having a 'My very last show' to announce the retirement. So given that I have shifted to making only jewellry for the past three years this project made me realize that I will never really be able to stay away from proper metalwork. So here is what I am upto these days, now this is an attempt at getting back to metal work though I am not sure how many pieces I will be able to churn out on a regular basis.
This is a piece that really  has no official name, its just that the peep hole in our main door has a little chip of sunmica missing on the bottom and I wanted to cover it up with something. So I came up with this
Sketch of a Ram in profile
The peep hole itself would nestle in the round gap in the centre of the horn on the right. The original plan called for having a hinged lid soldered onto the horn so as to completely cover the peep hole when not in use. But as the piece came to completion I realized that the lid would actually hinder any body from actually looking out through it comfortably. So the lid is now tossed. Here is the Ram with the outline tooled out.
Ram with the out line tooled out
Ram with a basic relief worked out. This is after one turn in my pitch bowl.

The final relief done with another round in the pitch bowl. This time I got all the areas worked out or so I thought I had to use my tools outside the bowl again to round out a few of the areas.

All finished with the detailing done and the extra metal cut out along with the space for the peep hole within the curls of the Ram's horn.

All finished !