Paper and Metal collages

I started making these collages with the idea to purely explore the visuals, I could create with different textures. Initially I just used smooth newspaper pulped paper along with a very rough hand made leather textured paper, strictly for the sheer contrast , of textures.
I did not want to use the usual white glue for this , instead I wanted the glue to have a presence on the piece as well, to this end I used edible glue, which was surprisingly less messy and even lent its own sepia tint, contributing to the collage.
Since I was having so much fun with the forms, textures the colors etc, I continued adding thin fragile tissue paper and metal foil, to the piece. As I kept working with the pieces, the final outcome was not something I was concerning myself with, thinking more about the composition, lines etc
As I kept working with the rough torn forms, my father walked in and commented that the piece reminded him of a sunset scene outside a village., then when he saw a picture of the same piece, he said now it had changed and looked like a seascape!!
I was quite surprised, this really made me wonder, what else could it remind one of? I know that art has to evoke different ideas, images even memories in different people , but hearing all these ideas never ceazes to amaze me.
Hope to hear more such ideas, What do you think of these pieces? What memories does it invoke in you?

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