Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Repurposing Repousse !

Having taken to making jewellery , this side of my art seems to be continually in ignore mode, :( sadly so. Well not making apologies or excuses rather here is what I have been doing. I recently took up my pitch pot and realized the pitch had gone brittle again! well, after having gone back and forth about making new pitch or maybe buying some red or green pitch from abroad, I finally decided all the pitch really needed was a good dose of coconut oil and some reheating. So on to my gas stove went my bowl and after about an hours worth of low heat ( never ever let your pitch overflow onto your gas range, its murder to get out !!!) Here is the bowl after a good couple of hours and all the little pimples you see is because of the air escaping after all the boiling . I wish I had gotten an image of the pitch boiling it looked like a witch's cauldron ( boil and bubble!! :D)  

So what is the all this pitch hullabaloo about? well its a new project that is completely repousse`
The first stage with the shape outlined and basic relief work

Out of the pitch with some of the detailing done

Finished Rams with hollow pipe rings through the smaller ring in the nose