Friday, August 20, 2010

©2010 Nayna Shriyan 

I had been meaning to do a still life for the longest time, but I guess I simply lacked the discipline to set up a some objects and actually sit down and paint! Well this time the group of objects that one of my student's put up for her still life was too much for me to resist!! I sat down and actually painted a still life for the first time in years. The one thing that I realized painting this piece was how much I loved good old fashioned styled painting , still lifes, landscapes, while I will never stop painting abstracts, I think thanks to my student's I have rediscovered my love of  stills and also realized the discipline it takes to simply sit down put everthing aside and paint ( Since she was going to dismantle everything in a short period of time! :(  )
It was a wonderful experience !!