Friday, August 26, 2011

A quiver fit for cupid- a metal and enamel story.

Close up of electro-forming
Have been concentrating on my jewellery for a long time now, and had put all of my painting and metalwork on hold. Having managed to create a goodish stock of jewellery I figured I could reward myself with a little bit of sculpture yay!! So the project I am working on is 'Quiver of arrows' An enameled quiver filled with enameled arrows. But its not all enamel there is a good amount of metalwork involved as well, along with the shaping, forming and soldering one of the techniques I am going to use is electro-forming.
The two sides of my quiver with
electro-forming on the top half
In short electro-forming is a process similar to electro-plating  where metal is plated or added upon another metal surface but in electro-forming metal is selectively added rather piled onto just specific areas to create textural effect. Here you can see the two halves of the quiver, these will be joined together by a column of rings on the sides around a copper armature. On the top half of the quiver is going to be a surprise element any guesses ?? Will keep posting updates as they develop, for now I am going with a cool colour scheme for the enamels but its an idea in progress, do check back :)
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WilderIndia-book release

© WilderIndia 2011
Yippee the book is finally out! and you can check it out in all these stores online
Fipkart, Uread., and Indian Gifts Portal
Three fantastic stories are in here you have all met Shekroo here on my blog and I will soon be introducing Moru the peacock and Krishna Jinka the black-buck here! Meanwhile anybody want to get a jump on their reading, check out the book at the above links :) Happy reading!
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